The Argonaut – UI Student Financial Aid Services launches new scholarship tool


University of Idaho Student Financial Services is releasing “Scholarship Universe,” a new online scholarship database created in partnership with Campus Logic, on October 1.

The database will connect students to a wide range of scholarships distinct from certain attributes of the students. Specific majors will be able to search for scholarships dedicated to their degree and learn the requirements and deadlines. Scholarship Universe replaces financial aid’s “huge 3-ring binder”, said Randi Croyle, director of student financial aid services. The database will automatically organize and award scholarships to students based on their college.

“One of the things they have in this product is a database with external exchanges,” Croyle said. “So what we did was we sent them all the scholarships in our binder to this team, integrated them and added them to a bank of over 10,000 scholarships that they already had in place. ”

All students will be able to access the tool with a UI account. The database will be accessible from the financial aid servicess and its release will coincide with a massive advertising campaign around Moscow and the main UI campus.

In addition to helping students find well-suited scholarships, the database will help the “over 100 employees on campus” who help scholarship committees, Croyle said.

“Committees within colleges will have the virtual ability to award scholarships,” Croyle said.. “Right now they are using Outlook and Excel spreadsheets to sort through the thousands of students we have and the thousands of scholarships we have and the millions of dollars we have to disseminate this information. This will help us organize and better manage the funds that we have as well.

All university scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year will be awarded through this scholarship universe. Each “directly awarded” scholarship will not require a re-application process or information provision from the students. Scholarships that require auditions or skill demonstrations will be treated separately.

The UI scholarship process will not change from a student’s perspective, Croyle said. Scholarship Universe will make it easier for students to find and apply for scholarships outside of UI, but UI scholarships will be awarded as usual, with a more streamlined process behind the scenes.

Carter Bottom, a sophomore double major in operations management and finance, relies on scholarships to take UI courses. He looks forward to using the database for the rest of his college career.

“I think it’s awesome,” Bottom said. “I know there are a lot of other sources online that do the same thing, but they make it look like advertisements. If it’s through college, you feel more trustworthy. It makes me good to be able to go to my university, and they can give me the tips to help me with the finances.

Student Financial Aaid Services can be reached at [email protected] or at 208-885-6312.

Carter Kolpitcke can be reached at [email protected].