SupportPay child support payment app announces free premium membership for families experiencing domestic violence

SACRAMENTO, California., 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – SupportPay, the leading co-parenting app to fully manage the process of alimony, child support and expenses, today announced its new program that offers families experiencing domestic violence a free subscription to SupportPay premium. Participating families will receive free premium memberships for both parents as well as free individual integration. With financial instability often forcing victims of domestic violence to stay with or return with abusive partners, SupportPay is launching this program in light of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) to help victims establish their financial independence and thus providing a stable and violence-free home for families who need it most.

Most victims of domestic violence forgo support and expense reimbursement for a variety of reasons. Mothers avoid receiving child support or reimbursements for fear of increased violence in the home, while others do not receive child support because they do not have a way to maintain confidentiality or are limited by court orders prohibiting disclosure. Even when victims are able to get help, they are often unable to keep accurate records of all transactions due to the stress and potential relocation that accompany the abuse leak.

SupportPay’s contactless system provides a reliable platform to receive worry-free assistance, whether parents pay assistance directly to themselves or through state agencies. The main benefits of the SupportPays free program include:

  • Ensure the security of personal information: SupportPay is a secure financial application available for the web, iOS and Android, which preserves the confidentiality of personal and financial data. It completely eliminates the need to share information such as addresses or phone numbers to communicate or receive financial support.
  • Reduce conflicts: In-app conflict resolution reduces friction and maintains support and payments, eliminating the need for direct communication between parents regarding support, expenses, payment, and financial matters.
  • Stress-free management of child support: Organize and transfer aid, support, expenses, and payments in one easy-to-use app.
  • Reduced fees and costs: SupportPay’s online platform reduces attorney fees and reduces pressure on the courts by providing safe and secure support management.
  • Keep certified records: Store, backup, export and print certified legally admissible documents for legal and tax purposes
  • Eliminate discussions with the abuser: All notifications go through the app. In the event of a dispute, parents can use the free internal dispute resolution process
  • Free individual integration: Families who are victims of violence can be overwhelmed, which is why the program offers free individual sessions for integration with a qualified specialist

“As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, an increase in domestic violence over the past year and a half is becoming blatantly evident. With a 9.7% increase in domestic violence calls in March and april 2020 alone, and this percentage is expected to increase continuously throughout the stay-at-home order period, it is more important than ever that these victims get the support they deserve to enable them to leave dangerous situations, ”he said. declared Sheri Atwood, Founder and CEO of SupportPay. “By offering SupportPay Premium free to abused families, we are helping children get the support they deserve, giving families a greater chance for financial stability while minimizing the risk of victims returning to abusive partners.”

According to the US Department of HHS Office of Child Support Enforcement, about one in three custodial parents have experienced domestic violence with the other party in their case, and many victims who do not have a formal child support order would like one. With more than 50,000 customers in more than 70 countries and all 50 U.S. states, SupportPay’s Domestic Violence Pilot Program aims to support these people and give them the support their children deserve without sacrificing their own. security.

About SupportPay:

More 900 billion dollars is exchanged annually between parents who are raising children together but living separately. SupportPay is the first and only co-parenting app to automate and manage child support payments and expenses, so you never have to communicate – or argue – with your ex again about. money. SupportPay offers a private and secure platform to share expenses, upload receipts, approve / dispute requests and send payment reminders, while providing a full certified record of all documents and transactions. SupportPay is available in line and on ios and Android. In addition to its consumer application, the SupportPay Family Law Network provides court administrators, family lawyers, mediators, therapists and others within the child support ecosystem with resources to streamline child support agreements to children and family court processes. Learn more about

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