Student Financial Aid Receives Largest Share of Notre Dame Endowment Spending | News | Notre-Dame news

Expenditure distributions for fiscal year 2019 from the University of Notre Dame endowment amounted to $ 426 million, with most of the spending – almost a third of the total – going to financial aid to students.

“We are committed to ensuring exceptional management of the generosity of our donors with prudent investment and spending policies,” said Scott Malpass, vice-president and chief investment officer. “The growth of the endowment provides ever-increasing resources for financial aid, as well as for the great work being done by our students and faculty around the world.”

Notre-Dame’s endowment fund returned 7.2% for fiscal 2019, closing the year with a value of $ 13.8 billion, up from $ 13.1 billion as of June 30 the previous year.

Over the past 20 years, Notre Dame’s endowment fund’s annualized return has been 10%, putting its long-term results first among institutional investors. Over the same period, a mixed 60/40 index of stocks and bonds returned 5.5%. On this basis, the University’s actively managed investment program created an added value against the blended 60/40 index of $ 8.3 billion for the 20 years. In addition, the allocation of expenses during this period in support of the University’s mission was $ 4.6 billion and increased at an annualized rate of 9.5%.

During the current academic year, Notre Dame will distribute more than $ 154 million in aid to undergraduate students as needed, an amount that has more than doubled since 2009. Almost half of the students at the university The university receive such aid, which does not require repayment, and the median amount of the scholarship for first-year students with proven financial need is $ 42,600.