Report: Financial aid for WI students in decline | WFRV Local 5

(WFRV) – Student financial aid in Wisconsin is doing less to keep college affordable, according to a recent report.

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Policy Forum released a report containing data from the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Technical College System, the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and of the National Association of State Students. Subsidy and assistance programs.

Based on the data provided, the Wisconsin Policy Forum says that total state financial aid offers to Wisconsin students have declined over the past decade, leaving students to cover most of the cost of their education. .

Below is a graph highlighting the decline in coverage that Pell grants provide students by institution.

Graphic courtesy of the Wisconsin Policy Forum

The steady decline in financial aid grants offered in Wisconsin has reportedly caused the state to fall below the national average.

Graphic courtesy of the Wisconsin Policy Forum

Based on the chart, Wisconsin is about $439 below the national average.

This wide gap increases challenges for Wisconsin students, especially students of color, who are often more heavily dependent on financial aid than their counterparts.

The chart below outlines the different breeds and their need for financial assistance.

Graphic courtesy of the Wisconsin Policy Forum

The Wisconsin Policy Forum is now offering options to help the state make progress on financial aid without breaking the bank.

The options offered include:

  • Consolidate small programs
  • Creation of a website with information on all public financial assistance programs
  • Support students and families to ensure they complete a key form needed to access state and federal financial aid.

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