Child support 2022: What is the average amount of child support?

Ohen parents try to calculate how much child support should be in the United States, this can be quite a complicated question because every child is different. It also depends on the amount of income the household brings in.

If you and your partner separate, an agreement will need to be made – in court or out of court – to determine how much each party will pay for the child. Another discrepancy is who the child lives with; if the child stays with the father, for example, the mother will have to pay the child’s expenses.

What is the average amount of child support?

Before you get into heated debates about how much you should pay etc., there is a method used to determine how much child support should be.

When reviewing child support guidelines, a court will typically look at your adjusted gross income — your gross income minus any deductions such as taxes — and then multiply that figure by the guideline percentage for the number of children you will have. . sustain.

Therefore, if you have an annual salary of $15,000 and have a child to support, you will pay 17% of your earnings. This, in turn, would amount to 2,550 per year or $215.50 per month.

In terms of monthly average child support in the United States, based on the latest statistics from the 2010 census, the Census Bureau reports that this figure stands at $430 per month.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just an average and the figure could be higher or lower depending on your income and personal circumstances.