Annual income limits for student financial aid increased by 25 percent for next year


Income ceilings with regard to student financial aid will be increased by a quarter for 2022. In 2022, the annual income ceiling will be 15,630 euros for students receiving financial aid for nine months.

The income ceilings for student financial assistance will be temporarily raised by 25% for 2022. Students who receive financial assistance for nine months can earn around € 3,000 more in 2022 than in 2021 without exceeding the annual income limit.

In 2022, the annual income limit is calculated on the basis that for each month for which the student receives financial aid, the income limit is 870 euros and for each month without aid 2,600 euros. Income can be earned at any time during the calendar year as long as it does not exceed the annual income limit.

The higher annual income limits apply only to student financial assistance for 2022. The annual income limits may be lowered for 2023.

The increase in income ceilings only concerns student financial assistance. For example, the income ceilings for general housing allowance will only be increased by around 2%.

The legislative amendment has been approved by Parliament and is currently awaiting confirmation from the President.

Source: Kela