Urgent loans to pay the rent

More and more people are asking for quick loans to pay the rent , to their respective landlords.

Thanks to online loans and without having to endure the rush of landlords, collect.

The prices rents of the floors increase , for diverse reasons, one of the most important causes by which the apartments in rent increase of price, it is because the house is used to invest, so that the quotas that the tenants pay, They are responsible for paying the mortgages of the owners of the flats.

No officially protected housing is made at a price like the one indicated by its name, since official protection should have lower prices , as was done in the past.

Another reason why the rents increase, is because some landlords, use their homes as holiday rentals , this makes the prices increase, hotels have more competition and neighbors often have to support tenants who use the floors, as places to party.

Why does not the government make things easier for people who do not have decent housing? As indicated by the Spanish constitution.

The high rental prices, make the owners of the houses can deal with these mortgages , in the event that prices fall or the government created officially protected housing, in a real way and not with high rents, it is possible that many speculators could not cope with their mortgages, due to increased competition in prices and with it, another real estate or banking crisis .

The vulture funds and houses of the banks, are another reason why the houses are no longer available for people who can not afford such a high rent. Since they need to value their investments at a certain price, so as not to give negative data in their economic balances.