Loans to large companies

Large companies do not have financial limits or number of workers that limit their activity by governments.

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These large companies exceed those limits that are placed on small businesses, although they depend in each case on the country where the company is located, although normally these large companies are located in several countries and are defined as multinationals.

Loans to large companies, why are they requested?

Large companies also need financing to carry out their projects and resort to external financing, because although it is true that you do not have to borrow more than necessary, it is also not convenient to fully finance yourself with the company’s own resources.

Therefore, loans to large companies are one of the most important segments within the granting of loans by entities and platforms that are dedicated to financing.

Where can you obtain loans from large companies?

The big companies have the advantage, with respect to SMEs, that they are more solvent and have a longer career, their activity is already established, so the interest they pay for the loans they receive is usually lower than what a company would pay. SME for receiving the same credit.

However, the banks have turned off the tap in which loans to large companies are concerned, since they are granting new loans in all segments except for loans to large companies, which have fallen according to data from the Bank of Spain to date of October 2015, 29.3% .

Due to the current financial situation and misgovernment that is going through our country, large companies seek more attractive returns outside of financial institutions to obtain the loans they need.

Some of the alternatives to which they resort to obtain loans to large companies are the following:

Issuance of bonds and bonds

These obligations or bonds are issued through auction.


According to data from Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) since 2008, it has provided € 28,000 million.

Alternative financing platforms

  • Crowdfunding of reward : In exchange for making a contribution, a reward is received in the form of good or service.
  • Crowdfunding of donation : Contributions are made without receiving anything in return, just for the sake of seeing a completed project.
  • Crowdequity : The contribution made consists of a participation or right to a part of the profits of the company.
  • Crowdlending : Consists of contributions to companies by private investors in exchange for receiving a return for their money.