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In addition, you can choose between receiving a personal loan or pledge, according to your convenience.

Personal loans

This loan, of free destination, consists in the facilitation by of a certain amount of money, under conditions, to the borrower, who must return the money plus a previously agreed interest payment plus operating expenses, within a certain period of time. Here’s How You Can Use Your Loan.


  • The modalities of Loans with retention of assets and private loans are used.
  • Loans for individuals are granted in pesos.
  • It uses the French amortization system.
  • The amount to be granted is equivalent to 3 salaries or up to 3 times the average monthly income of the owner.
  • The maximum amount is $ 150,000.
  • You can pay them in terms of 12, 24 and 36 months.


  • To apply for your loan you must present your ID.
  • The last invoice was paid at the private address.
  • The copy of the last salary receipt or the last 3 salary receipts.
  • If you are not in a dependency relationship, present the last 3 payments of Monotributo or last 3 DDJJ of VAT.
  • Retention in Nomina salary discount or Voluntary / Debit payment by CBU.
  • The required age is from 21 to 65 years.
  • Must be of Argentine nationality or foreigners with residence.
  • The income share ratio of 30%.
  • He has a minimum work experience of 1 year.

Pledge Loans

This loan, intended for the purchase of automobiles 0km and used for private use, consists of the delivery by the borrower of a pledge to the bank, which will serve as a guarantee to receive a credit from it, this pledge can be a good or a property.


  • It grants financing up to 50% for 0km.
  • Up to 65% for used with maximum 5 years old.
  • Up to 55% for used with maximum 9 years old.
  • Up to 50% for used with maximum 13 years old.
  • The financing is in pesos.
  • It uses the French amortization system.
  • Grants a maximum amount of $ 250,000.
  • You have deadlines to pay from 12 to 6 months.
  • The rates vary between 43% and 55% according to term and model.
  • Life and disability insurance has no cost.
  • For early cancellation charges, 5% is charged according to the case.


  • The owner must be between 18 and 7 years old.
  • Must be Argentine or foreigner with residence.
  • Possess a minimum working age of 1 year.
  • Revenue share ratio of 35%
For my mortgage loan, a fixed rate or a variable rate? Wed, 16 Jan 2019 16:50:41 +0000 Choosing which rate is the most advantageous, for your mortgage loan, can prove to be a real headache between security, foresight and changes in monthly payments.

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We clarify for you the definitions of fixed and variable rates as well as those of semi-fixed and progressive rates.

1. Fixed rates, its real estate credit safely

The vast majority of French people borrow at a fixed rate, thus promoting security. The fixed rate mortgage can vary from 5 to 30 years. These fixed rates vary according to several criteria:

  • The duration of the loan: the longer it is, the higher the rate
  • Your personal contribution: it provides access to more advantageous grids, and an important contribution facilitates negotiation.
  • The region
  • Your profile (profession, status, income, age)

When signing your fixed rate loan, you know the amount of the monthly payments and the total cost of the loan. Fixed rate loans allow you to be very predictable on your finances and especially to compare more easily different loan offers . Indeed, with a fixed property rate, you know precisely the APR of your credit, which is not the case for variable rates.

Depending on the terms of your loan, you may be able to renegotiate your rate with your bank or redeem your credit from another bank. If you negotiate a lower rate, you can:

  • Maintain an equivalent level of monthly payments and lower the term of your loan
  • Lower your monthly payments by keeping the same duration

On the other hand, if real estate market rates rise, your credit rate will stay at the same level.

Finally, the early repayment of a fixed rate loan generally generates penalties and can reach up to 3% of the outstanding capital .

2. Variable or revisable rates, a bet on the evolution of the rates

Banks can offer credits whose rates vary. These variations are indexed to those of the rates at which the banks finance themselves. The loan rate is therefore periodically revised according to the evolution of an index, usually the Euribor index .

At a time T, the rates of the variable rate loans are lower than the rates of the fixed rate loans.

If you know that your income will increase, choosing a variable rate may allow you to borrow more with a lower initial rate. You can then switch to a fixed rate when your income has actually increased.

Subscribing to a variable rate loan is therefore a bet on the evolution of the price of money for banks: the starting rate is lower than that of a fixed rate loan for the same duration, but the total cost of your loan is at the mercy of economic decisions that are difficult to predict.

Two things must be kept in mind:

  • It is possible to negotiate for all or part of the increase in the rate to be passed on over the duration of your credit so as not to increase the monthly payment. Of course, if the duration of your loan is already high, your room for maneuver will be reduced and your monthly payments will increase irretrievably.
  • Generally, early repayment of a variable rate loan does not result in a prepayment penalty .

For variable rates, we strongly recommend to opt for capped rates : these are capped rates upward and / or downward to limit the risk of fluctuations. This course can be of two types:

  • Cap exclusively on the rise and so you be protected against an interest rate too high. It is not limited to lowering and your rate may therefore become very low.
  • Cap upward and downward (so-called “tunnel rate”). Adding a downside allows the bank to protect itself against a significant loss of money related to lower interest.

Banks mainly offer “capped +1” or “capped +2” rates. If, for example, you benefit from a variable rate loan with a cap of +1 to 2%, the tunnel interest rate may therefore vary between 1% and 3%.

Your monthly payments will be adapted according to the economic conjecture. The clauses of your contract may take into account the possibility of changing your floating rate into a fixed rate in the event of a rise in market rates.


Imagine a home loan of € 150,000 with a repayment term of up to 15 years. Banks will offer either a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan.

The 2% fixed rate loan will result in monthly payments of € 965.26 for a total interest cost of € 23,747.43 .

In the table below you will find two assumptions, with a different rate variation, for a variable rate loan with a capped rate of +1.

The first hypothesis, pessimistic, is a fixed rate of 1.8% in year 1 with monthly payments of € 951, 51 and then 168 monthly payments to € 1,016.98 due to the increase in the capped rate + 1 to 2, 8% so the cost of the loan will be 3,271.02 .

3. Semi-fixed or mixed rates for short-term purchases

There are real estate loans whose rates are:

  • Fixed during the first years (5 to 10 years) lower since the duration on which the rate is fixed decreases.
  • Variables thereafter (capped or not).

If you want to buy a property for a short term or make a rental investment , this type of loan is interesting: you sell your property before interest becomes variable and benefit from lower rates. The starting rate is often lower than conventional fixed rates.

4. Progressive rates, when your income will increase

This type of loan is little known to French and bankers, it is a mortgage on a fixed rate basis providing for a steady increase in monthly payments each year. Your monthly payments will be lower at the beginning than at the end.

This mechanism reduces the cost of credit since you pay a little more each year. Few banks offer it.

It allows to negotiate a higher loan amount because the calculation of the cost of debt is usually done on the first monthly payment. The cost of credit is reduced with this type of loan, indeed, the increase in monthly payments makes it possible to shorten the duration of the loan and thus mechanically its cost.

To remember

There are loans specific to certain cases: housing change, rental investment for example.

Ask your banker to calculate the maximum monthly payments before accepting a capped variable rate loan offer .

Quick loans without commissions Mon, 07 Jan 2019 17:32:09 +0000 Enjoy a quick loan without commissions , it is as if a friend or family member had lent you a friend, especially if that urgent loan has no interest.

Now there are companies that are providing these services to their new consumers and logically, we are going to talk about these companies and the facilities they have.

Loans without interest urgently.

We are one of the most famous companies that has a long season offering loans without interest and without commissions, you can request € 300, which you give in just 10 minutes and then you should only return € 300. Many wonder, what these companies earn, doing this, the answer is that they get them to speak well of them and also get new clients, that in the second time they ask for a quick loan, they will no longer have the advantage of be without commissions , however, they can access some amounts of money, much higher than the first time.

Financing a trip and not paying interest or commissions.

Some users who visit this page, in reality what they want, is to go on a trip thanks to the request of a line of loan or a personal loan. However, they have not come to the conclusion that there are also many travel agencies that are financing interest-free travel, which is why we have made a compilation of travel agencies that finance travel without interest and also without commissions.

Finance gifts and electronics without interest.

The large areas such as Carrefour, the English Court, Media Market, Decathlon, The Phone House etc … Many times they have some promotions in which they allow to finance the products of their establishments, without interest. That means, for example, that you can finance the purchase of an iPhone 8 and not pay interest, when there are many people who for example do not reach that conclusion and apply for a quick loan .


Due to the confusion and the haste of some users, it is possible that many ask for loans with interest, when in fact there are offers at that time that offer to buy what they want without interest or simply, there are fast loans without commissions .

How to request Cheap loans? Sun, 30 Dec 2018 17:19:54 +0000 Requesting cheap loan is highly recommended for festive or holiday periods, since many times, it is when you need small amounts of money in advance.

ver prestamos

Here you can compare cheap credits and also know how to get them, thanks to the following article.

Search promotions without interests

Lately, there are online financial institutions that are offering quick loans, without interest and without commissions, thanks to this marketing technique, they are able to attract loyal customers to their company, who in the future request quick loans of greater amounts.

The credit comparison , have also arrived for mobile phones. We have programmed a comparator, which is available for mobile phones that use the Android operating system .

Return outstanding debts.

Being delinquent or being on the list , prevents being able to apply for credits in many of the financial companies that offer quick loans at present. Some financiers give loans to defaulters, but better resolve all the debts and have a bigger list to choose from.

Find a personalized credit .

If for example you need the money to study a master’s degree or to buy a car, we recommend that you look for exclusive services for that type of product, for example, some training schools, offer their own financing for their students and the same, in the supermarkets or dealers.


Cheap and interest-free loans are currently available for a very large audience, however, we recommend making a long comparison of credits, in order to choose the one with the most reasonable interest and be a financial product specialized in the product or service, that you want to buy.

Quick loans online Thu, 27 Dec 2018 17:08:10 +0000 Asking for a small loan can get us out of a hurry or help a small business prosper.

girl writing in the office - woman working

These types of financing are increasingly used and economies around the world are betting on this mode of small loans .

To begin with the application, it is only necessary to navigate through the pages that are at the top, where you can see different solutions, focused on different profiles or use the buttons here . One of the biggest advantages that we can find in this type of financing, is how fast, that the loan is given to the person who requests it, in just a few minutes or hours, it is possible to have a loan (Within a certain time commercial) .

However, it is also necessary to be responsible when looking for financing or quick loans , since it is necessary that this loan be paid, so as not to end up with large debts. By not returning the money in the agreed time, the debts are increased as the days pass and a small amount of money, could become a fairly large debt. Banks are not currently offering much financing and the most common way among many people, is to apply for personal loans online , as long as it is done head-first

Where to ask for a small loan?

Thanks to this page you can have a small loan, although figures. In most cases they are approved, but they can also be based on other factors to cancel an application. In the event that these loans are rejected, we recommend that you investigate a little about how to leave the list of defaulters .

Can I ask for a small loan with a pension?

Yes, even without having a pension or having a payroll, being small amounts of money, those that are requested with fast loans, the requirements almost do not exist and are based on being able to avoid loan scammers or people with too many outstanding loans.

What other forms can I find on the internet to get financing?

The offers that we can find in the network are very varied, each with different requirements and different amounts of money, you should always read the contract and interests in full and consider whether we agree with the conditions.

If you want financing for a business , there are also online platforms called CrowdFunding , in which if people trust your idea, among several users, you can finance the project you have in mind. Always in exchange for a gift, a part of the benefit or an interest, depending on what the person offering to obtain financing offers.

Can I ask for a small loan to buy a motorcycle or car?

One of the most frequent causes when using these services is for the purchase of a vehicle , such as a car or a motorcycle. Cheap motorcycle loans are easier to find and have a higher percentage of approval, since the amounts of money are not as large and the requirements are also lower than those of a car loan.

The purchase of a vehicle can improve the economic situation in the future. By opening many doors to find work and have a better displacement.

Why is it not advisable to obtain financing of this type?

We do not recommend applying for this type of solution, to pay other debts. Since paying debt, with more debt, is quite dangerous, you have to be 100% sure to be able to return the money within the agreed term and not think about paying it thanks to another company or lender.

Auto Loans for Students: All You Need to Know About Student Auto Loans Mon, 24 Dec 2018 16:57:14 +0000 You already have a car model in mind and now you are wondering what are the best car loan rates available.


Attempting to understand the best way to offer it is a challenge for many, especially if you are a student.

It is for this reason that you need to be aware of a few important things before selecting the most affordable auto loan rate for you.

Find the best loan rate for your student budget

Do your homework

Often, potential buyers spend most of their time looking for the lowest price for a vehicle, rather than sitting down and looking for an affordable car loan. First, you must do your homework to avoid being trapped by a seller who makes you an offer that looks too good.

Start making a budget

One of the things you need to calculate is the total amount of money you think you can afford to get a new car. Financial calculators are useful tools to help you better understand your budget.

Once you have identified a number with which you are comfortable, you can divert your attention to the average amount of money you will spend each me. By doing this, you save money while you avoid paying too much for long-term interest.

Apply for a loan

Being a proactive buyer is good for finding a good car loan. Banks, respectable online lenders, auto insurance companies and cooperatives are all potential options for financing your car.

Beyond the comparison of car loans, a co-signer who has a good credit rating can help you apply for a loan, and improve your chances of having a good loan rate.

Do not be afraid to negotiate

When you have different loan options, you can negotiate terms such as interest rates, loan term and annual percentage rate (APR). Standing up, you are more likely to save the money you deserve.

Keep control of your payments

As a student, you probably have a busy schedule. However, keeping control of your loan payments is vital. The last thing you want is to miss your duty and face a penalty fee, in addition to causing damage to your credit rating.

Essentially, the key step to being eligible for financing is working to build your credit. This is done by paying your bills on time, staying away from your credit limit, and making requests only for the credits you need.

He is also helping to make a budget and keep your loans to a minimum in order to be assured that you will be able to pay them all on time. By taking all this into consideration, you are already on the right track to get the best loans available. Good luck in your studies!

Bad credit will not stop you from having a car loan Sat, 22 Dec 2018 17:26:20 +0000 Be sure! Having bad credit will not prevent you from having the auto loan you need.


By reading this article, you will discover many options that exist regarding car financing around the world. If you’re wondering what a bad credit loan is and where to turn to get a car loan, look no further.

Set bad credit auto loans

First, a person needs to fully understand what a bad credit car loan is , as well as what it entails. Essentially, a bad credit car loan has a higher interest rate than a regular loan, due to your bad credit rating.

Lenders will often increase the term of the loan, which means you will have to shell out more money. Fortunately, if you’ve already gone bankrupt in the past, some lenders will still offer financing options.

Getting a car loan will not be as difficult as you might think, while there are several options for you. Keeping abreast of these possibilities is the first step when looking for options.

Auto loans of banks

Going to the bank to get a car loan is normally everyone’s first choice. The main reason for this is because the bank has access to all your records, information about your finances and your payment history.

The most proactive thing you can do is to show banks tax and positive activities in your account. You can do this by demonstrating over several months that you can make your payments on time.

Auto loans from finance companies

Financing companies offer auto loans to people who have bad credit. In fact, they announce different criteria when evaluating potential customers. They look beyond your credit rating and payment history, which can make you a better candidate than you might think.

In addition, banks take much longer to evaluate your application, while finance companies are known to approve your application in a few days.

Shop for a car loan

Ideally, the things you should look for when you want a car loan with bad credit are: flexible terms, a quick and easy process and a financing plan tailored to your situation.

The flexibility of your loan terms is a great benefit offered by some lenders. These give you the opportunity to find a good credit rating and re-apply for the loan application. Otherwise, they can also allow you to refinance your car with a lower interest rate.

The advantage is that no matter your credit rating, there are different simple and fast methods to get a car loan. While keeping the highest interest rates in mind, as well as the possibility of making a down payment, these options allow you to get closer to the car loan you need.

Mini loans online Fri, 21 Dec 2018 17:12:09 +0000 Thanks to the internet, you can now ask for fast loans online .

Online mini-credits

Online mini-loans with , mean that being or not, in a list of defaulters , can be ordered equally.

What is necessary?

The only thing necessary is to have a computer or a state-of-the-art device, with which to complete the respective online financial forms.

They usually ask for the same documents, which would be requested in a financial or a bank.

But is this really safe?

Online financiers often use security mechanisms to determine if it is a scam attempt. The financial companies that can be accessed from this website have been verified and use the safest security protocols.

Thanks to the improvement of computer security in recent years, it is now possible to request all types of financial requests, such as credit cards or investment accounts .

How is the money received?

It is received in an urgent bank transfer. This means that the loan is received immediately . The time of entry into the account, may vary depending on the time at which the request is made or the bank to which the money is entered.

What can I ask for?

Fast loans are usually requested to pay for things that do not have a high price, however it is possible to get financing online, even for the purchase of a new car, a second-hand car or finance a company.

It is not usually necessary to have to indicate the need you have.

Conclusion :

If you are in you can ask for mini loans, from the companies that you can compare from this website.

Loans to large companies Sun, 16 Dec 2018 17:14:58 +0000 Large companies do not have financial limits or number of workers that limit their activity by governments.

Gracias por leernos

These large companies exceed those limits that are placed on small businesses, although they depend in each case on the country where the company is located, although normally these large companies are located in several countries and are defined as multinationals.

Loans to large companies, why are they requested?

Large companies also need financing to carry out their projects and resort to external financing, because although it is true that you do not have to borrow more than necessary, it is also not convenient to fully finance yourself with the company’s own resources.

Therefore, loans to large companies are one of the most important segments within the granting of loans by entities and platforms that are dedicated to financing.

Where can you obtain loans from large companies?

The big companies have the advantage, with respect to SMEs, that they are more solvent and have a longer career, their activity is already established, so the interest they pay for the loans they receive is usually lower than what a company would pay. SME for receiving the same credit.

However, the banks have turned off the tap in which loans to large companies are concerned, since they are granting new loans in all segments except for loans to large companies, which have fallen according to data from the Bank of Spain to date of October 2015, 29.3% .

Due to the current financial situation and misgovernment that is going through our country, large companies seek more attractive returns outside of financial institutions to obtain the loans they need.

Some of the alternatives to which they resort to obtain loans to large companies are the following:

Issuance of bonds and bonds

These obligations or bonds are issued through auction.


According to data from Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) since 2008, it has provided € 28,000 million.

Alternative financing platforms

  • Crowdfunding of reward : In exchange for making a contribution, a reward is received in the form of good or service.
  • Crowdfunding of donation : Contributions are made without receiving anything in return, just for the sake of seeing a completed project.
  • Crowdequity : The contribution made consists of a participation or right to a part of the profits of the company.
  • Crowdlending : Consists of contributions to companies by private investors in exchange for receiving a return for their money.
Bank City Loans: the whole offer of personal and business loans Thu, 06 Dec 2018 17:22:36 +0000 The City bank offers a large number of loans which we will describe according to the recipient and the type of loan.

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The first ones that we are going to describe are the loans destined to the physical persons , these in turn can be personal among which are:

  • Express Loans only with DNI: The Bank offers you this personal loan with minimum requirements (DNI and residence certificate). The maximum term is up to 36 months and it is offered at a fixed rate.
  • Withholding of assets: If your employer has a loan agreement with the bank, the employee does not need to present guarantees. The maximum amount is 200,000 pesos and up to 84 months. The rate can be fixed or variable.
  • Ciudad Veloz: This personal loan is for any destination, up to 13 salaries and a maximum term of 72 months. The interest rate can be fixed or variable.
  • Retirees: This loan is intended for all retirees and pensioners, the maximum amount is 100,000 pesos, the maximum term is 72 months and the interest rate can be fixed or variable.
  • Professionals: This loan is intended for independent professionals, monotributistas and workers in dependency relationship. The maximum amount of this line of credit is 150,000 pesos, the maximum cancellation period is 72 months and the interest rate can be both fixed and variable.
  • Fronters Responsible for the GCABA: This is a loan for the settlement and maintenance of the sidewalks. The maximum loan amount is 30,000 pesos, the maximum cancellation period is up to 72 installments and the interest rate can be both fixed and variable.
  • Loan for the Acquisition of Bicycles: It is a loan for acquisition of bicycles the interest rate is 0% and the maximum term of the same can be up to 50 installments.
  • Electronic Channels Loans: This line of credit is intended for those who request credits through ATMs such as the bank’s home banking.

We can also find the pledge credits, which are:

  • Agile City: This line of credit is for the acquisition of vehicles for private use. The interest rate is fixed. The maximum amount is 40,000 pesos and the maximum cancellation period of up to 48 months.
  • Traditional City: This line of credit is intended for the purchase of vehicles of private use, the interest rate can be fixed or variable. The maximum loan amount is 50,000 pesos and the maximum term is 60 months.
  • City Taxis: This line of credit is intended for the purchase of taxis with or without CNG equipment, the interest rate is fixed, the maximum time of the credit is 100,000 pesos and the maximum cancellation period is 48 months.
  • City Taxi Social: This line of credit is formed by a pledge credit up to 100,000 pesos or 80% of the value of the invoice and with a maximum cancellation period of 48 months, plus a personal credit for a maximum amount of 130,000 pesos and with a cancellation period of up to 100 months.

In addition to the loans named above we also find the pledged loans, among which are:

  • Pledge credits: This line of credit is designed for those who prefer to leave a jewel or work of art as collateral. The maximum term is 150 days and is renewable for up to two equal periods.
  • Expresso Loans: This is a pledge loan with minimum requirements. The maximum term of cancellation of the same one is of 36 months and without maximum amount.
  • Advance loan: It is an advance of up to 40% on the sale price of some good that is sold in a public auction. The minimum base price of the property to be auctioned must be 6,000 pesos.

The City Bank also offers a wide variety of loans for entrepreneurs, which are:

  • Unipersonal and Societies of Fact: The maximum amount of financing depends on the billing of the applicant, the maximum term depends on the analysis made by the bank. The interest rate can be fixed or variable.
  • Entrepreneur Development GCABA: The maximum amount for any concept is 70,000 pesos. The interest rate is preferential.

In addition, the City Bank offers other loans for people which are:

  • Loans for Consortia: The maximum value financed for this loan line is 150,000, the maximum term is up to 60 months. The interest rate is variable.
  • Microfinance: This line of credits is intended for microfinance institutions and non-governmental organizations, which offers financing of up to 3,000,000 pesos to be repaid in up to 36 months. The interest rate can be both fixed and variable.
  • Loans for Victims: This is a line of credit designed for those affected by weather phenomena. The interest rate is subsidized by the City Government. The total financial cost is 16.92%.

The City Bank also offers a wide variety of loans for companies, among which are loans for SMEs, among which are loans for capital goods which are:

  • Capital Goods: This credit is intended for the acquisition of new or used goods including motor vehicles. The interest rate is fixed at 24.95%.
  • Cargo Vehicles: the vehicles must be patented in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The interest rate is fixed at 24.95%.
  • BNDES Line: This line of credit is intended for the acquisition of capital goods and services of Brazilian origin. The maximum term is 12 years.
  • Transportation of passengers: This line of credit is intended for public transport companies whose passengers are wholly or partially within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The maximum term of the interest rate is 60 months. The interest rate is fixed and 24.95%.
  • Articulated buses (hybrids): To access this line of credit transport companies must be enabled by the corresponding authority and provide services in the CABA The maximum period of cancellation is 36 months. The interest rate is 24.95%.

The loans for working capital for SMEs offered by the City Bank are:

  • Working Capital: This line of credit is exclusively dedicated to working capital, the maximum term is up to 24 months. The interest rate can be fixed or variable and goes from 16.65%.
  • With Aval de SGR: It is a loan for working capital with the guarantee of an SGR. The maximum term of the loan is 60 months. The current interest rate is fixed and ranges from 19.56% for terms up to 36 months.
  • Advances in Account: The advances are made in the current account in pesos of the client and up to the limit established in the contract.
  • With Aval de FOGABA: 100% of it is carried out with a guarantee from FOGABA. The maximum amount of the loan is, while the maximum term is. The interest rate is fixed and ranges from 19.56% for terms of less than 36 months.
  • Loans for Aguinaldo Payment: This loan line is intended to cover the bonus of employees. The maximum loan amount is 600,000 pesos and the maximum term is 6 months.

The City Bank also offers financing to SMEs in the foreign trade sector, the loans available for these are:

  • Financing to Exports: The City Bank to exporters up to 75% of the total amount invoiced.
  • Import financing: Banco Ciudad offers this line of credit to those who buy inputs abroad. The amount, term and interest rates are agreed according to the case.

The City Bank has a line of credit for SMEs that act as construction companies, these credits are:

  • Hotels and Lodgings: This line of credit is destined to the construction of hotels and lodgings. The maximum financing of this line of credit is 70% of the cost of construction.
  • Homes and Offices: This line of credit is intended for the construction of homes and offices within the area of ​​activity of the bank. The bank finances up to 85% of the budget net of taxes. The interest rate is fixed and 24.82%.

Banco Ciudad also has a line of subsidiary loans for SMEs, which are:

  • Competitive City: The main objective of this credit line is to favor the permanence, growth, development, and competitiveness of SMEs. The maximum amount of the loan is 300,000 pesos. The maximum term is 24 months.
  • Private Schools: This line of credit is intended for private schools and kindergartens that are located in the CABA in order to carry out remodeling or maintenance works. The maximum amount of this credit line is 1,000,000 pesos and up to 100% of the budget can be financed. The interest rate is fixed and ranges from 0% to 17.23% and depends on the subsidy percentage received by the school.
  • Capital Goods: This line of credit is designed to favor the process of investment and technological updating of SMEs. The maximum amount is 600,000 pesos and the maximum term is 36 months. The fixed interest rates are from 6% to 12% depending on the loan cancellation period and the location.
  • Environmental Improvement: This line of credit is intended to finance environmental improvement projects. The maximum amount of this line of credit is 600,000 pesos, the maximum term is up to 60 months. The interest rate ranges from 5% to 13% depending on the term and destination of the same.

In addition to the loan lines mentioned above, Banco Ciudad offers loans for SMEs in order to finance other destinations and industries, these are:

  • ISO Reconversion Certifications: This line of credit for companies that need a technological or industrial reconversion, modify their administrative or industrial procedures, conform to ISO standards, Kosher certification and that do not involve the purchase of capital assets. The maximum amount of this line of credit is up to 70% of the submitted budget. The term of the same depends on the analysis made by the bank. The interest rate is fixed at 24.95%.
  • Discounts and Advances: This line of credit is intended for SMEs who want to make a deferred payment discount, special current account payments with cession of invoices and / or certificates from the public or private sector. The maximum amount is subject to the bank’s analysis. The maximum cancellation period is 180 days. The interest rate can be fixed or variable and depend on the agreement that the company has with the bank.
  • Exhibitors: This line of credit is intended for those companies that wish to participate in local and international events, organized or sponsored by the National Government, Provincial Governments, CGBA, Business Chambers, or by other Organizers. In all cases, they must be accessible to the general public, with international events aimed at fostering Argentina’s foreign trade. The maximum amount to finance is 75% of the expenditure budget with a maximum of 80,000 pesos. The maximum cancellation period is up to 18 months. The interest rate of this line of loans is variable and according to agreement with the bank.
  • Loan for Productive Investment: This line of credit is intended for the acquisition of capital goods, construction of facilities necessary for the production of goods and services, commercialization of goods. The amount is in pesos and is subject to credit approval, the minimum term It is 36 months with option to a grace period of 10 months. The interest rate is fixed and 15.01%.
  • Loan for the Technological District: The objective of this line of credit is to position the City of Buenos Aires as the Latin American capital of technology, promoting the installation and establishment of technology and related companies, providing the best market rates, to favor its permanence, growth and development. That is why together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the City Government, we launched a line of credits for companies that are installed or relocated in the Technological District. The maximum loan amount is seventy percent of the net tax budget. The maximum term of return is 5 years. The interest rate can be fixed at 20.75% or variable at 19% for the first 12 months.
  • Loan for the Audiovisual District: This line of credit can be used to finance investment projects for civil works, purchase of buildings, buildings, recycling and conditioning of buildings: Up to 80% of the net budget of taxes, with disbursements for advance of work, financing of projects for removals and purchase of equipment and installation: up to 70% of the net budget of taxes, financing of working capital of short term through a discount line of deferred payment checks product of its sales to client : for an equivalent of up to 2 months of sales, financing of working capital through a line of amortizable loans by French system. The interest rate offered by the bank for this line of credit can be both fixed and variable and is to be agreed between the two parties.
  • SME Mortgage Loan: This line of credit is intended for the acquisition, construction, renovation, expansion and termination of real estate destined to premises, offices or industrial plants, cancellation of pre-existing mortgages on said properties. Obtaining financing with other destinations linked to your business. To determine the loan amount, the lowest value resulting from applying 70% of the purchase price or appraised value for all destinations will be taken. The maximum term of cancellation of the loan is 120 months but may be less depending on the destination that is given to it.
  • Loans for Companies to Settle in the Pharmaceutical Pole: This line of credit is destined to the financing of investment projects destined to civil works: up to 80% of the net budget of taxes, with disbursements for progress of work, financing of projects for purchase and installation of new equipment to be used in the works of point A) up to 70% of the net budget of taxes, financing of short-term working capital through a discount lines of deferred payment checks product of its sales to customers: the equivalent of up to a month of sales. The maximum amount is subject to credit evaluation. Maximum amounts, total and grace periods: subject to the credit assessments of each of the projects. The interest rate is combined, which would be composed as follows, during the first 60 months from the first disbursement the rate will be fixed at 12.90%. From the 61st month a variable rate will be applied that will arise from adding to the Average Technical Rate a spread of 300 basis points.