Second loan: Better chance of acceptance, cheaper interest rates

Many loans are shared by two people.  Often these are life partners who want to finance the larger purchases with the borrowed money. But what requirements must a second borrower bring? Who is liable for a threatening loan default? And when is a second signature under the loan agreement useful at all? Learn here what […]

Urgent loans to pay the rent

More and more people are asking for quick loans to pay the rent , to their respective landlords.   Thanks to online loans and without having to endure the rush of landlords, collect. The prices rents of the floors increase , for diverse reasons, one of the most important causes by which the apartments in […]

Consumer loan: are borrowers protected?

In recent years, consumer loan has multiplied, and not always to the advantage of consumers! As a result, over-indebted individuals are becoming more numerous in France. Fortunately, a law on consumer loan aims to limit the negative effects of these loans. So, are the borrowers of consumer loan protected ? We give you the answer to […]

P2P Loans Monthly interest without a finger to stir

Have you ever dreamed of stirring interest rates every month without a finger? And really every month? You do not have to dream about that anymore. This phenomenon is called P2P loans. In this article you will learn about this new trend and how this trend will help you build your financial cushion. This is […]

Characteristics of the Pledge Loans

Nowadays it is very common to hear about the pledge loans, since it is a loan very requested by the clients. Punctually mortgage loans serve to realize the dream of having a self- owned car whether it is used or 0KM. In this opportunity we will talk about the Characteristics of the Pledge Loans so […]

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